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Stoway Self Storage – Christiansburg, VA

Storage Units in Christiansburg VA

About the Property:

  • Purchased in March, 2022
  • Features 188 storage units and an apartment
  • The facility is close to 20,000 square feet
  • It is located in Christiansburg, Virginia.
  • Christiansburg, Virginia is close to Virginia Tech, making smaller units of high interest in the area
  • There are security cameras throughout the property to ensure the safety of our tenant’s belongings

Property Improvements

When we first took ownership of Stoway Self Storage it was a true mom & pop operation. The previous owner’s parents built the storage facility back in the 1970s. The daughter took over the facility when they passed away and ran the facility while living in the apartment on site. It was her home for decades. 

We implemented a lot of changes once we took ownership. Security cameras were immediately installed to keep an eye on the facility. We no longer are on site at the facility, so it is important for us to be able to keep an eye on the facility and make sure it is running smoothly.

We also added a brand new website that allows tenants to reserve units through the website. The website is simple to use. Customers can also manage their account on the website.

Storage Units in Christiansburg, VA have gotten more expensive over the last few years. We have raised our street rates to be more in line with the rest of the market. The previous owner had not changed rates in decades.

Storage Units Christiansburg VA

Location of Facility

Stoway Self Storage is located in the heart of Christiansburg, Virginia. We are located right along Depot Street. Depot Street is just around the corner from the Christiansburg Aquatic’s Center.

The location has a lot of population in the surrounding area which allows us to stay at high occupancies year round. Christiansburg is located near Virginia Tech University which makes smaller units, such as 5x5s, and 5x10s very popular in the area. Most of our other facilities do not offer 5x5s since they are too small for many tenants. However, in a college market they are in high demand.

Christiansburg, Virginia is located in southwest Virginia. It is only a couple hours from our storage facility in Waynesboro, Virginia.