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MMJ Self Storage

View our portfolio of Self-Storage facilities across the East Coast!

About MMJ Self Storage

MMJ Self Storage is a family-owned and operated business founded in 2018. The acronym “MMJ” stands for the first initials of three brothers – Matt, Mike, and Joe.  The brothers started their journey in the self-storage industry by using the profits from their successful internet business, which they have been running since 2011,  to make their first storage facility purchase. Since then, MMJ Self Storage began to expand across the Eastern Seaboard. We’ve recently expanded our horizons to states in the South as well.

As of 2024, MMJ Self Storage owns and operates 11 several storage facilities in 6 states (New Jersey,  Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

Unlike major chains in the self-storage industry, MMJ Self Storage is dedicated to providing its tenants with a customer-first attitude only found at family-run businesses. The team is dedicated to providing its customers with secure, convenient,  and affordable storage units.  Utilizing advanced technologies in the storage industry such as high-tech surveillance cameras and Easy Storage Software, MMJ is able to provide a seamless storage rental process for each tenant, from start to finish.

Family Owned & Operated

At each MMJ Self Storage property, tenants will find small differences that set us apart from larger, corporate-owned storage facilities. We seek to provide a smooth and attentive experience for each of our tenants.

Growing Portfolio

Over the past 5 years, we've grown our storage portfolio and expanded across several states. With each new storage acquisition, we strive to expand our reach and provide more customers with the high-quality, safe, and secure storage solutions.

Strategic Purchases

Each storage facility we've purchased has been carefully selected. Our strategic acquisition process involves analytical thinking and thorough due diligence process, without shying away from taking risks.

MMJ Self Storage Portfolio

AAA Self Storage - Americus, GA

In June of 2023 we acquired AAA Self Storage in Americus, Georgia. The property consists of 85 storage units, approximately 11,000 square feet of storage. 

What made the property more appealing is that it consists of 5 acres of land that is already all fenced and gated. This allows for a lot of opportunities on how to use the land. We know that storage units in Americus, Georgia are popular but we also think there is a lot of demand for boat & RV parking. Not many other storage companies are offering parking so there is an opportunity to increase revenue through parking.

Storage Units Americus GA

Bowling Green, Virginia - MMJ Self Storage

In December 2020, we acquired our first premier storage facility located in Bowling Green, Virginia. Named MMJ Self Storage, this facility was purchased with the anticipation of erecting new units on the land behind the existing buildings. We recently finished expanding the facility and are in the lease up period.

This large facility is located on a high-traffic road, Route 301, which connects Maryland and Richmond, VA. Situated just 20 minutes south of Fredericksburg and 15 minutes from major roadway I-95, this facility is an accessible spot for a wide scope of tenants.

Storage Units Bowling Green Virginia

Christiansburg, Virginia - Stoway Self Storage

Stoway Self Storage was acquired in March 2022, a property consisting of 188 storage units and an apartment located on-site. The property was purchased from the family that originally built the facility in the 1980s. Situated in an ideal location near the Aquatics Center, Stoway Self Storage is located in the heart of Christiansburg, Virginia. Although it was clear minor improvements needed to be made to the property, we recognized the potential of this property and were excited to add it to our portfolio. Storage units in Christiansburg, VA are in high demand.

At the time of the sale, storage rents were well below market rates, giving us the opportunity to come in and maximize revenue at this facility. Today, Stoway Self Storage is one of our best-producing assets, generating a steady revenue stream for MMJ Self Storage. 

Elizabeth City, North Carolina - Elizabeth City Self Storage

In December 2022, we purchased Elizabeth City Self Storage, a property located on the outskirts of town. The property consists of 125 storage units, with plenty of room for expansion. The room for expansion was one of the key appeals for us in this acquisition, as well as rates that were well-below market rates. Since this purchase, we’ve made several improvements in order to upgrade the appearance and functionality of this storage facility. Improvements include the installation of an automatic gate and upgraded surveillance cameras to better ensure the safety and security of tenant belongings.

The property is zoned industrial and is located next to the county landfill. By adding additional storage units to maximize revenue, Elizabeth City Self Storage has the potential to become one of our top-producing storage facilities in the upcoming months.

Storage Units Elizabeth City NC

Hammonton, New Jersey - A&D Self Storage

In 2018, we acquired our first storage facility, A&D Self Storage. A&D Self Storage is in Hammonton, New Jersey. Hammonton is a mid-sized town in southern New Jersey in between Philadelphia and the Jersey beaches. When we first learned of this facility, it was clear it was mismanaged and in need of some revamping. Upon acquisition of this property, we focused on clearing out units, filling vacancies, and raising rental rates to match market rates and maximize revenue. Within a year after purchasing, we were able to stabilize the property. 

A few years later in 2020, we successfully refinanced the property, which provided us with the capital to acquire additional storage facilities. Our first property stands out in the market due to the unique nature of its units, as a majority of them are containers or garage units.  In addition,  A&D Self Storage has a few others unique offerings, including multiple offices and a workshop unit, which adds further value to this facility.

Hinesville, Georgia - MMJ Self Storage

In December 2022, we purchased our facility in the state of Georgia. Located just a few minutes outside of Hinesville along Route 84, this facility was one of our most labor-intensive projects. The property was in a clear state of disrepair, requiring significant improvements to become functional. At the time of purchasing, the majority of storage units were either empty, abandoned, or in need of repair. Storage units in Hinesville GA are high price, making it an attractive property.

Upon acquisition, we changed the name of this facility to MMJ Self Storage to reflect our brand name. Immediate action was taken to begin improving the property, which included bringing dumpsters in to clear out the contents of abandoned units. Next, we implemented several upgrades to improve the appearance and functionality of the facility. These improvements included the addition of a fence, automatic gate, security cameras, and additional lighting. Additionally, we erected a new sign to improve visibility and attract potential tenants.

We anticipate that the units will be available for rent by mid-May 2023. Our plan is to focus on filling the existing storage units before considering adding more units to the facility in the future.

Oriental, North Carolina - Anchor Mini Storage

Anchor Mini Storage is located in Oriental, NC, situated on Highway 55. Located just 20 minutes outside of the major town of New Bern, this property offers great accessibility from several nearby towns. The property was mismanaged before we took ownership in May 2021, resulting in low occupancy rates and unit prices that were well below market rates. 

Since taking ownership, we have successfully increased occupancy to nearly 100% and raised rental rates well above our competitors. Recently, we expanded the storage facility to include additional units and parking spaces for boats and trailers, which has further improved our offering to customers.

One of the unique selling points of our property is that it is located on high ground, unlike other facilities in the area that are situated in a flood zone. This allows us to charge a premium for our storage units, as customers can have peace of mind knowing their belongings are safe from potential flood damage. Anchor Mini Storage was MMJ Self Storage’s first storage facility in the state of North Carolina.

Waynesboro, Virginia - Mountain Valley Self Storage

Purchased in September 2021, Mountain Valley Self Storage consists of three buildings and several parking spots. This facility was in excellent condition, however, rental rates were well below market rates. This allowed us to promptly raise rents to maximize revenue.

After assessing the potential for expansion, we decided to add three new buildings to the property, which total an additional 16,000 square feet. The expansion project was completed in March 2023 and the property is now one of our premier storage facilities.

Looking to the future, there is still room for further expansion on the property. There is demand for storage units in Waynesboro VA and we feel confident we will fill another building. With one more building approved and land for an additional three buildings, expansion is a viable option depending on how the lease up goes for the current new buildings.

Mountain Valley Self Storage

Malvern, Arkansas - Keep It Here Storage

Purchased in November 2023, Keep It Here Storage consists of 259 storage units. The facility has only drive-up storage units and already had a fence and gate upon purchasing. Every tenant has their own personalized gate code to allow access to the facility. The unit mix at Keep It Here Storage is diversified, offering 5×10 storage units, 10×10 units, as well as larger options for larger storage needs. The facility also has surveillance cameras. There is great demand for and we have had great success filling units at this location.

Monroe, Louisiana - MMJ Self Storage

MMJ Self Storage in Monroe, LA was acquired in January 2024 and was MMJ Self Storage’s first property in Louisiana. This facility was purchased with a low occupancy rate and needed a revamp to optimize it’s success. This storage facility consists of 224 storage units, which include 5×10, 10×10, 10×20, and 10×30 units. This facility also has a large warehouse space. The total facility has about 45,000 square feet of storage.

Upon purchasing, updates will be made to the gate and other upgrades will be made in order to enhance occupancy rates at this storage facility. We are looking forward to optimizing this facility and offering great storage units in Monroe, LA.

Little Rock, Arkansas - Landmark Storage

MMJ Self Storage acquired Landmark Storage in February 2024. This is our second facility in the state of Arkansas. This facility is consists of 198 storage units that span across about 22,000 square feet. This facility was acquired with a low occupancy rate. There are a great mix of unit sizes here, including small 5×10 storage units, plenty of medium-size storage units and larger 10×20 storage units. 

Future Plans

Acquire New Facilities

MMJ Self Storage is actively searching for new properties to add to our portfolio, across several states. We intend to purchase additional properties in strategic areas, with a focus on prime buying areas along the east coast.  We are open to expanding to new states.

Improve Current Properties

As part of our commitment to providing a family-owned storage experience, we are committed to continual improvement at our existing storage facilities. As such, we focus on continuing education on the latest storage trends and industry standards. We seek improvement by using the latest technology at each location through Easy Storage software and gate software. Additionally, we continue to make improvements to the aesthetics of each property which allow us to maintain competitive rates. The safety of belongings stored at our facilities is exceptionally important to us.

Expand Properties with More Units

Many of the storage facilities we’ve purchased have open space to add more units, such as Elizabeth City Self Storage, Anchor Mini Storage, and MMJ Self Storage- Hinesville. Adding additional units will add value to each facility and provide more necessary storage for tenants in the area. Each of these areas has high demands for storage, allowing us to maintain high occupancy rates.

After the recent completion of two building projects, we are now familiar with the expansion process which should make future expansions easier to manage.